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From the mother of a recent bride:


I can't thank you enough for making my daughter's wedding reception so perfect. In fact, that was the word that she used when she came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Mom, this is perfect!"

When we entered the Newton White Mansion, all the fireplaces were lit and burning brightly, the candles were glimmering and the lights were low. The guest book was there on a podium as you entered and the placecards were displayed on a beautifully set up table. When we entered the atrium it was really magical. It looked exactly like the pictures Sarah had shown you a month earlier.

The servers brought around the sparkling wine and offered us the delicious appetizers. The guests were relaxed and happy and enjoyed coming into such a cozy and elegant place. The preparation your staff did was absolutely wonderful. We couldn't have been happier with the look of the place and the welcoming environment we walked into at the NWM.

The food was delicious, beautifully presented and well served. Everyone enjoyed it and commented on it to me during the evening. It was an excellent meal. Thank you for that as well.

Finally, at midnight, your terrific staff packed up and left the Newton White Mansion in perfect condition, as if we had never been there.

We couldn't be happier with the reception, which you and your staff made possible. I agree with Sarah, "It was perfect!"

Thank you,

A recent Google review from a regular Gourmet To Go customer.

Quality: Excellent   |   Appeal: Excellent   |   Service: Excellent

Delicious food - great service. I visit their Eastport location 2 x a week and select from the gourmet-to-go refrigerated showcase, and/or hot soups. Can we talk? Portioned sized ginger-glazed salmon, wonderfully marinated then grilled-just-perfect beef strips, tender blackened chicken - all of it incredible.

Vegetables (either with a combination of pasta or couscous, or straight), and bean dishes equally succulent. Favorite vegetable dishes include a baked vegetable medley with mushrooms and spinach, and a black bean recipe with red onion, peppers, cilantro, with just the right amount of (what has got to be) cold-pressed quality olive oil. The desserts are equally as good. The carrot cake is to-die-for (TDF).

I could not finish this review without mentioning their crab cakes. Hello... from Baltimore to Ocean City, I've had them all (a self-certified crab cake aficionado).

The taste of the Palate Pleasers crab cake is unparalleled. No, I get the ones out of their refrigerated showcase, not hot out of the oven (although if you are catering, I'm sure you get them hot), but the taste is unparalleled. I ask them for the recipe, but they insist its the quality of their crabmeat and ingredients that makes difference. If you get the crab cakes (know that they are not served everyday - probably a good thing), please don't embarrass yourself and ask for cocktail or tarter sauce.

Yes, they are that good.